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Recently had the profound privilege of experiencing David Joyner’s work at Tantra Harmony and I am compelled to share how life-changing it has been. David is not only incredibly dedicated to his mission, but he also possesses a remarkable ability to empower and guide individuals, particularly in embracing their divine feminine power.

Before meeting David, my understanding of Tantra was quite limited, often associating it primarily with its sexual aspects. However, David has opened my eyes to the immense depth and necessity of Tantra in our healing processes. His approach transcends the physical, delving into the spiritual and emotional realms, making it a holistic experience.

David’s commitment to helping individuals achieve alignment and empowerment is truly extraordinary. It’s rare to encounter someone so genuinely devoted to the betterment of others, and his guidance has been a beacon of light in my journey.

To put it simply, David Joyner is a godsend. His compassionate, insightful, and transformative approach to Tantra has left an indelible mark on my life. Thank you, David, for your incredible work and for being such a powerful force of positivity and healing.

Much love and light

My healing has begun, and is definitely on a new wave length. I am so excited about my journey ahead. My experience at Tantra Harmony was absolutely amazing. The soothing bath that I received was so calming, and empowered all of my senses and insecurities. I felt a sense of balance, and refreshing with every ounce of water that caressed my body. I remember feeling so much freedom in that moment I just closed my eyes and drifted into all the peaceful images of Meadows and enchanted rainforest. It was at that very moment my spirit began to open and evolve. The way my spirit responded was definitely life-changing. My healing journey was reverenced and uplifted.

During the deep breathing and meditation during our session, my soul was awakened to the endless possibilities of hope, restoration, forgiveness & divine healing. I am definitely feeling the results of power that was exchanged.

During my experience I felt honored and respected. I felt empowered and compelled to continue to build, create and resonate within the root of my being, known as the root chakra, I felt an awakening of my soul and a mend of my heart as the fix of trauma and inflammation, exiting my body both naturally and spiritually. I will always remember the way my body responded to the session. I felt safe and protected as my Spirit Mind and Body were at ease, and restored, like the calmest night rain, as my pain escaped and my freedom and healing were found.

The calm breathing during the vortex worship helped me regain my self-esteem from where I lost it during childhood. This experience has empowered me & helped me find value in grounding, deep meditation and devotion. My session was sealed with restoration, power & healing manifestation. I am so honored and appreciative of the care that was bestowed during my session. This life-changing experience will always be remembered and treasured.

As a sometime procrastinator, the April 15th tax deadline has often been a stressful day for me. This year, however, it was the day I met David Joyner. There was one life before that day and a better one after. I wrote David earlier for advice about strong feelings I was experiencing. What do they mean and what is the best way to use them?

When I saw the article about David online there was hope for help. I read that if you want to connect with someone, look into their eyes for at least four minutes. David knows this too and used it to settle my frayed nerves upon meeting. He has studied and used tantra for over 20 years and instills confidence. What happened between us was the product of where I am on my spiritual path and his expertise. I felt vulnerable when emotions usually kept in check showed themselves. He handled it with kindness and compassion. He recognized my challenges and took action to make progress. 

Words fail to describe him. The closest I can come is “transcendent” defined as a power that is expressed in and through each of our boundless spirits. The power awaits a sacred moment to be felt or acknowledged. David released powerful self-knowledge in me. Knowledge, I wish every woman can have who desires it. After our meeting, it was hard to find a place to put all the feelings. Usually, I go to friends to discuss things and seek advice, but it does not feel right this time. It is as if something holy should not be casually dissected.  It is good to compartmentalize what David offers.

My relationships with men have followed a distinct formula, but this is different. It has thrown my game off for sure but has also held a mirror up to things that need to change. My purposes for meeting with David are to learn about Tantra and have a successful next relationship with a man. His skills are invaluable. So have courage and take a chance. I did and Tax Day will be a celebration forevermore!”

It’s been 5 years since my one and only session with David. We had an amazing connection then, and I have enjoyed having him in my life occasionally since then as a friendly advisor on relationships and sexuality. I live out of state, so it just wasn’t possible to see him again…until this weekend.

It was everything I remembered from before: Being revered as a powerful Goddess. Feeling his energy connect with mine from the very beginning, even without physically touching. Being bathed in the most gentle, sensuous way, and being dried off too, delicately, mmmm. Magical hands and oil massaging me into bliss. Time…open ended time…to relax and enjoy and savor, with no goal in mind. His complete devotion to my pleasure and happiness, and to opening me up to the divine energy within.

In this blissful space, I felt like I was in a trance. I was fully present; he was fully present. Time stood still. I felt comfortable and comforted, safe and held, in all ways. And again, it was he who was thanking me for allowing him to be part of my journey! As a woman who is very confident in her strong sense of sexuality, it is a beautiful thing to be understood, appreciated, and honored for that. It makes me even more of who I am. I am blessed that our paths have crossed once more, and I pray it’s not another 5 years before we do it all again.


I received a bathing as a 32 year old woman from toe to dry towel. I felt energy fire then melt in my solar plexus and release as tears and sobs uncontrollably. I received a new found appreciation for Prince. I am Happy. I am Grateful. I am Free.


The first time I met David, he pulled me out of a sea of volunteers to demonstrate the “Breath of Life” exercise. I came upon him again on Shapr and we talked about what was preventing me from living in my full power. I had always been fascinated by the magical healing properties of tantra and David was the divine channel for me to heal through it.

In every interaction between us I felt honored, respected and taken care of by David. His gentleness guided me into a deeper connection with my body temple and I truly felt worshipped. It gave me the opportunity to learn about what my body wants and needs, also what it doesn’t want and need. With his loving energy I was able to dissolve blocks within me and connect to my Sacred Goddess Sexuality and claim her power as my own. It was a profoundly healing journey and the differences from before and after are as clear as day. He is absolutely devoted to authentic love in its purest form. I recommend his beautiful, loving energy to anyone who is ready to realize their own true power!


Every day I reflect upon the experience with David. My outlook on life has completely turned around and I feel like I am radiating love and positive energy, which had previously been suppressed. I hadn’t realized quite how healing it would be, and am so grateful!

David is amazing and truly gifted. I have experienced such profound emotional and physical shifts! What a Blessing!


“I am going to meet him just to talk, of course”. That was my thought while driving to our reunion’s place. If I were told how wrong I was, I would say: “¡No way! I am sure I do not need any healing”. But I was very wrong. David didn’t tell me with words, but showed me with his peaceful respectful Spiritual love, how much I needed to be aware of my femininity blessings, in order to accept and learn to enjoy my sexuality, my Goddess power. I am not into details, but believe me I am being deeply honest. For twenty years I used to take two sleep pills, now after three months and four sessions I am taking half sleep pill.

The purpose to write my testimony about my first ever Tantra Healing Massage, (Yes Healing) is for Every Woman to know about my experience with David. The most gentle, caring, respectful and aware man that I have had the joy to meet.

Don’t be skeptical or afraid as I was.

I came across David’s profile on Tinder and was very interested in learning more about the art of Tantra!  I have had some sexual trauma as a child and I am aware of some healing that I want and need!

David met me for a consultation and I was comfortable immediately.  We spent hours just getting to know one another, a week later I had my first of many sessions…  It is a process, and amazing experience !  This man is a thousand percent in tune, and totally dedicated to Tantra.  Full of sweet loving energy !!  I recommend it, at least give it one try and you decide!
I now have a loving, life long friend, that has my back!!❤️

Describing I’ve had many Tantra Sessions with David each one being equally amazing but different than the one before.  Last night my intention for the session was healing, awakening and transformation.

My job was to embrace everything so emotions could be released. During a long and exceptionally expert yoni massage I experienced my first full body orgasm. It was literally the most sensational thing I’ve ever experienced, it was one of the most intense single orgasms I’ve ever had! The best way to describe it is an orgasm times 100, my entire body vibrated with orgasmic energy. I literally felt it from the top of my head to the tip of my toes and everyplace in between.  The energy I felt running through my body was incredible.

Thank you David for teaching me to open up, and let the energy flow through me.  I trust you.


Describing a feeling or an emotion is more more complicated than solving the issues of  global warming. i will do my best to paint a portrait of my experience with David.

So  let me begin by saying my experience with David was not my first introduction Tantra Massage. When read about David and his credentials I was convinced that I had already experienced the most tantalizing  Tantra Massage with my Tantra Massage Therapist. Because I am notorious for searching for new adventures, I decided to reach out to David.

My first meeting with him to discuss my expectations was like viewing a forbidden fruit sprinkled with candy that you only desired to taste.  His questions and explanations to me of his sessions took me to a place in my mind that was calm and trusting.  I felt almost an instant bond with him and scheduled my first session. When driving to meet David for my first session, my anxiety began to rise and fear of the unknown wrapped around my spirit and I almost called to cancel my appointment. But for some reason my inner spirit encouraged me to move forward and as I write this testimonial statement,  I am certain that it is one of the better choices I have made.

From the moment I met David to begin  my first session, a blanket of calmness, peace and safety wrapped around me. His very gentle caresses  and chants guided me to My Sacred, Spiritual Space. I moved through my 3 hours sessions totally captivated by David’s, touch and presence, and the enticing odors of the burning candles just intensified the moment. Because I have spent my life caring for others and making sure everything was right for them, I was at first, struggling emotionally to accept the awesome feelings that David bestowed upon me. But his wisdom of his Tantra craft, quickly made me believe that I deserved  the euphoric feelings and emotions I was engrossed in. The feeling of ecstasy and joy I felt after my session with David, made me feel  so energetic and I  moved like I was floating.  

My second session with him moved me to another level of joy and bliss.  For me it was as if I still have hidden emotions that I have not yet discovered.  My personal recommendation is that if your life is full of routine rides through life, jump off of the mundane journey you are traveling and run swiftly towards David. I guarantee you will find Your Sacred, Spiritual Space.

Immensely Satisfied and Appreciative
April 9, 2017


David is very gifted in the art of Tantra massage. Tantra can first seem a bit intimidating, but when you first meet David, he has this natural ability of listening to you even when you are not speaking. He is very trusting and sincere to your level of comfort. He is able to intuitively sense the areas within that need attention and/or healing. After experiencing David’s spiritually guided massage, “You will leave feeling renewed…” mentally, physically and spiritually. His gifts are simply amazing.

I have never learned how to be intentional about ME.  I have always been a doer for others.  Then I met David!   I can in all honestly say I’m happy I decided to place my body, spirit and desire to listen, learn and accept in David’s hands.  My First session was on a Saturday night; a night I will never forget.  It was healing, sensual, awakening and relaxing all at the same time! This was exactly what my mind, body and soul were crying out for. The most astonishing thing about my journey with David so far is my willingness to trust him completely. I at one point found his guidance hard at times. (I have the ME syndrome) But I have followed it closely in good faith believe it has helped be become more aware and a better person.  I’m no longer fighting an internal battle between my observations of high sexuality vs. spiritual ideals mixed with dubious ethics and the unconscious yet preliminary sublimation of my emotional needs, values and intuitions. All of this was in the name of spiritual and sexual evolution and consciousness. 
The greatest compliment I can pay David is not for his intuitive guidance, sacred touch, divine caressing, beautiful mind, or even your profound advice.  Not even for that amazing smile*, but a combination of all these things. They have changed my life and are continuing to change my life. 
All I can say is Thank you David and more please.  XOSBXO

I had the great fortune of meeting David Joyner in 2014 and experiencing his 3 hour chakra clearing and tantra massage.  He has cultivated an incredible set of skills, along with his intuition, to bring about a heightened level of sensation, which has sustained over time.  I have experimented with many types of energy work, and David is highly atuned in his craft. If you allow yourself to receive the energetic gifts through his work, you won’t regret a moment.  You’ll wonder when you can do it again!!  I’m working on getting my man (who’s incredible in every way already) to join in so we can learn new techniques  from a real master!! 😊

My life has changed for the better because of my Tantra Session.  My Goddess energy has really taken flight in every aspect of my life.  I am very honored for the gift David has given me through his amazing Tantra sessions.  I’ve been a Goddess client of his for many years and I have recommended him to several of my girlfriends.  He is a wonderful soul, whom I admire so much.

You’re such a wonderful soul.  A blessing really.  This world is getting highly ridiculous.  There should be more people like you in it! (You really can wipe a woman’s hard drive for reboot)!

If angels exist, one is David Joyner.  I had excruciating migraines from a concussion years prior.  One session with this amazing man and they are GONE! ( I am all for this guy.)  I cannot sing his praises enough.  He’s the best!  He will open the door to a life you’ve only dreamed of.   I can promise you that!

“My experience with David was surreal. At first I was a little curious so I asked for some references of ladies he’s worked with. They spoke with me on the phone to unravel the mystery and walk me through the process. I felt reassured and open to the experience after their glowing reviews. I was treated like a goddess and adored to the fullest cells of my body and soul. So thrilled with this memory. It was the ultimate in letting go. I would LOVE to go to next levels of expansion in my being with this dearest soul into further depths of exploration. You can always contact me and I can personally. I will tell you how wonderful David’s supportive, celebratory soul service is and go into more detail of my personal results. Love this glorious being!!”😘

After walking the Labyrinth, I experienced the most incredible spiritual transformation. Literally hours later, the most incredible angel in the form of a man named David came into my life and introduced me to Tantra. He taught me how I can use my goddess energy to create love, peace and joy through my sexuality. In the past, I feared unleashing this energy I knew I possessed. It came to a point that if I didn’t release this powerful energy, I would become spiritually dead which would have ultimately destroyed my life. Since I’ve experienced Tantra with David, a whole new world has opened up to me. Now I can fulfill my destiny and continue my journey through life with bliss and unspeakable joy and share my love with the people I care about the most! I’ve done research online about Tantra and in my opinion, David truly is 100% the best!

I have spent the greater part of my life taking care of others, raising children alone, being the support as I watched illness and death at much too young of ages in my family. I did not know what it really meant to give to myself and accept what others had to offer.

I met David on Tinder while looking to find someone to share the next journey in my life. Prior to meeting him my habits and attraction were to people that were not necessarily emotionally available, making the love I sought not there and loneliness would creep in believing it was me that could not be adored.

I know at 60 I still have a lot of growth and healing but experiencing the session with David, with his energy, with his touch, with his words is just the beginning of my journey to love myself, to see and feel my gifts and to open up to others who can also feel all I have to offer.

I have and will recommend this experience to others and will continue to feel the love and warmth of the seed David implanted in my soul.

I met David Joyner by fate or maybe I was just meant to.. He is a special & gifted man.. I had certain issues from childhood & the past .. He was able to help me overcome them through the Art of Tantra…and have had many sessions..  Through the years we have developed a friendship & mutual respect for each other..  I believe we have a friendship that can last a lifetime and will always be in each other’s life..  David always has my best interests at heart ….

Thank you David…grateful for your friendship…for being in my world…for helping me feel & achieve a higher sense of empowerment..😊


Each time i have met with David, I was transported to a delicious and deep realm of pleasure.  David can intuit, sense, and support my body’s desires and impulses, increasing my ability to experience my sensual and sexual potentials. David embodies the deepest and truest of masculine gifts, able to soothe, heal and ignite the sublime feminine energy.  I am so grateful for his gifts and knowledge, his kindness and wisdom.

I am a super on-the-go-all-the-time type of person.  Sometimes it feels like everything in my life is planned out and I am just along for the ride, but in a taxi driver role.  As a single mother, school, work, social, its hard to fit “sacred me” time in.  I had left a toxic relationship, where sex was full of religious shaming, early in the summer.  I had no idea how much it had effected me.  I swiped right after reading David’s profile and questioned if he was legit.  David called and we talked about how a session would help.  I felt very comfortable talking to him and we set an appt.
I knew about tantric massage and have experienced many massages over my life, but this was so much more.  David is amazing!! He is caring and oozes an intensely loving and complete energy.  The best way I can describe what happened was an intense ritual of pure love.  The release of all the built up tension was euphoric and I honestly had no idea something like that was even possible.  I couldn’t thank him enough.  David is truly gifted.  ❤

I received my first Tantra massage only two days ago. David was so thoughtful during our first conversation. He answered many questions I had about the process and the steps of a Chakra cleansing and Yoni massage. We communicated for nearly three months through texts, email and phone before we had the session.

David was so kind to travel a good distance to meet me. I believe this shows how serious he is about his passion and sharing his knowledge with his Goddess clients.

David’s patience, gentleness, preparedness, honesty, and understanding were perfect in every way. I felt safe, protected, nurtured and more relaxed than I can remember. I was myself, without reservation. There is no other way to be when you’re with David.

I know that I have a long way to go in learning about my spirituality and my connection to God/Goddess. David has shown me that it is possible.

I am blessed to have met David, and that I had the courage to try something new. David is a true gentleman. I am so thankful for the time we shared.

I have known David for many years & have always felt his amazing, positive energy!  He has been a true friend & on top of that he has magic hands! The first time he treated me to his out of this world massage, I truly didn’t want it to end…  I felt as if I was floating on clouds.  So I kept going back for more, with every session being better than the last.  He has an incredible ability to not only make you feel comfortable, but also give you immense pleasure.  I highly recommend my very talented friend with a heart of gold.  If you need to be taken away to another dimension where nothing exists but pleasure & relaxation.

My session with David was complete permission to be myself and let go of some of the heartache I had been carrying around. He is very attentive to your needs so if you have a session I encourage you to share with him what it is you are looking to discover within yourself and know it is always okay to speak your truth. He knows how to hold a safe space for you to just be and feel whatever needs to be released.

Thank you David!!

David Joyner is truly a special man.  From the moment I met him, I felt as if I had known him many lifetimes and was instantly comfortable.  His smile is infectious and he definitely brings positivity and light everywhere he goes.  He made me feel as if I was the one and only woman he’s ever interacted with and the connection was and is still deep.  He supported the little girl in me to feel safe enough to show herself and begin to play.  The tantra session was profound and the energy released and intense.  David allowed me to experience being loved and cherished in a way I hadn’t before. He healed old wounds and helped me be whole again. The most extraordinary part of this is that whatever was awakened in me that night has grown these past few months.  I have grown into my goddess energy…owning it, loving it, living free and expressed.  I have begun focusing on myself and have released 36 lbs. in the past few months.  I have given up trying to prove something and I am no longer focused on others over me. Most importantly, I own my feminine power and finally get that I am a gift.  I consider David a friend and will hold a special place in my heart for him.  I am forever grateful for him and the impact his touch has had on my heart and spirit.  I highly recommend that any goddess who has not yet had the privilege of experiencing his tantra massage give herself this gift. 

Invite David on this journey of your discovering your beauty.

I’m newly single, and my attempts at online dating have not gone well. The men have been so unappealing! But, in LA for a weekend, I thought I’d try for a California guy. I didn’t look very hard, just briefly, but someone caught my eye. His Tinder profile was intriguing, saying he gives tantric massages. He was a beautiful black man – a novelty for me! – and I’d been curious about tantra for years. I goggled him immediately and came upon his website, tantraharmony.com. In addition to telling about himself, David spells out on the site exactly what happens in his sessions. There were many “Goddess Testimonials,” which I figured were written by him (now I’m sure they were not!) but I just had a good feeling about the whole thing. I texted him – what did I have to lose?

Within minutes I got a callback from him on Facetime. We talked for a while, and I immediately felt comfortable with him. Every question I asked, whether about tantra, personal safety being with a stranger alone, or std’s and test results, was answered directly, often followed up by a text with a document attached. He sent me his most recent test results and his driver’s license, both of which made me feel like he was real and not some creepy guy pretending. He talked about energy, love, God, spirit, connection, and continued to talk about those when we actually got together that night. He said he even meditated on our session and my energy! We talked and/or texted throughout the day, as I had more questions I wanted answered before I committed. I decided to do it.

Around 5 p.m. we were to meet in my hotel lobby. I kept thinking “this is absolutely CRAZY” and yet strangely, I didn’t feel very nervous. I’d told a friend where I would be just in case, and arranged for her to call me every so often. When David finally walked in though, I knew everything would be ok. And let me tell you, it was a whole lot more than ok!!!

We chatted a bit, and then went up to my room. He got all set up, placing and lighting candles, finding music, and opening up champagne, all the while telling me more about tantra. Finally – finally – we were ready to start. He explained every part of what was to come. First was the Energy Vortex Exercise. We stood very close together, face to face, fully clothed. He placed his hands near my body sometimes, and on my body other times, then got down on his knees to bow to the Goddess energy while his head was momentarily between my legs. He repeated this ritual on my left side, back, and right side. Then he undressed, and undressed me, and repeated the ritual, this time with a few licks when he was down on his knees (!). It was very slow and luxurious, and at one point I leaned into him feeling his support and love; I continued to feel that way the whole evening. After we finished this beautiful ceremony, he led me to the bath he’d drawn for me.

Ahhhh, to be bathed like a queen…gently, mindfully, slowly and sexily…it was spectacular. It was while in the bath that I first noticed how soft his skin was. He rubbed his forearm on my leg, and it was the same, gliding, almost magical floating feeling I got when being sudsed up in a Turkish bath several years ago. I’m still thinking about that smooth skin! He then helped me get out of the tub, holding a towel low in his hands so that I could step right into it and he could dry me off. Holding the towel like that was one of those special little touches that made me realize this guy was an experienced professional whose only concern was for my comfort and my bliss.

David had set up the bed by folding down the sheets and placing a large towel in the middle. Underneath that he had what he calls a “nectar protector,” which looked like a hospital pad and would prevent my juices from reaching the bed itself. As if I ever had nectar coming out of me! I lay down on my back and got ready for part three, the balancing of the chakras.

He began at my root chakra, which is at the base of the spine. He put his amazing hands below my belly button; had me imagine a red spinning wheel there; and had me say after him, “I love my root chakra. My root chakra is divine. My root chakra is sacred. I own my root chakra. I love my root chakra.”

He repeated the same thing going upwards, with different colored wheels, at my sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. I think he was rubbing other parts of my body as part of this, and maybe squeezing parts of me too, like with his arms around my chest. Oh that silky skin (and at this point it really hit me that I was SO loving the blackness of that skin too!). I think it was also then that I had an urge to kiss him. I asked if that was ok, and he said of course. His many kisses, like his smell, his taste, his touch and everything about him, were perfectly delicious.

That finished, we moved on to a massage with coconut oil. The man just knows how women like to be touched; I like it fairly firm, and without instructing him the pressure was perfect.  I need to add here that eye contact is very important in bringing up that Goddess energy, per David, and it was so easy to connect with him that way

I want to emphasize that every single second, I felt 100% comfortable. I felt he was there for me, encouraging me with his body or his voice or his hands, talking about rising energy, the divine, etc. He set the pace and determined what happened for the most part, and the whole time I was relaxed and calm and happy. We talked and laughed, and I received the love that David gives to all the women he works with. You really feel like he’s on a different plane somehow, one of the few people on this earth who embodies pure love. Throughout our time together, he repeatedly said how grateful he was to ME for enabling him to share in this Goddess energy.

The funny thing is that there was a strong chance I’d be flying to Chicago that night for a family event, and I was disappointed that it didn’t happen. Now I know why it didn’t. I was supposed to be in that room, with David, learning about energy and spirit and Goddesses!

A final bit: while he was bathing me, I said I had another question. Before I asked it, David answered, “yes, I’m real.” It was funny of course, but now that I’m several days past Saturday night, it feels like the best dream I’ve ever had. However, it was real, and you should do this.

After your first session, I encourage you too, to share your Private Testimonial to add to these amazing testimonials.


White Lotus Tantra

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