Bathing Ceremony


Imagine yourself relaxing with the soft glow of scented candlelight; as you step into the bath. To relax in place where you will be soothed and lavished in the utmost care.  Where you will receive attention upon every inch of your beautiful body. Particularly those often neglected areas will be lovingly attended too.  Areas like your fingers, toes, and even behind the knees. Soft hands and adept fingers will move about and caress your spiritual, physical and mental being.

The warm water will melt away your stress and relieve your anxiety. In time you will begin to think only of the sacred space you are in. You will begin to feel reborn…as your newly invigorated body is gently dried, knowing that you are only beginning your amazing adventure

Empowering Your Spiritual Goddess Energy Within…

White Lotus Tantra

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