Meet DAVID JOYNER, our MOST Provocative guest to date! WHY? He is/was BARNEY, our beloved purple dinosaur! Out of his costume, Mr. Joyner now helps women bring their “Goddess” forth through the healing Art of “TANTRA”. At around 30:00 minutes, the Fockery gets real, ya’ll!. “No penetration, just an invitation; female ejaculation…” SEX, SEX, SEX aside, David helps us explore the spiritual, loving way to show up. New terminology : Yoni, Lingam, magical wand… Listen as he breaks down White Lotus Tantra Massage, Goddess Energy, Spiritual Energy Healing and a lot more.  It’s very enlightening. 
David shares with us a very insightful and very enlightening understanding to the Amazing modality of White Lotus Tantra.

White Lotus Tantra

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