Chakra Balancing Procedure


Chakra Balancing is a 30-50 minute process. Each step takes about 5 minutes.  Please allow yourself to relax and embrace the energy you feel within.  Deep belly breathing helps with relaxation.  Relax, breathe deeply, and receive. This is an intimate process done with love and respect. I will be performing Reiki Energy Movement as well as placing my hands on various parts of your body slowly, with an energy of love and light.  Please remember to really focus on deep, relaxed breathing; this is a very important step.  Begin each breath with a relaxed belly, and let your thoughts and concerns fade away.  I will begin by placing my LEFT (negatively charged) hand, gently, on your Heart chakra.  This is located in the center of the chest. This is your center and seat of Divine essence.  Then I will place my RIGHT (positively charged) hand, gently on the Root Chakra.  This is the foundation of survival and human needs (food, shelter, money, etc.). It is also the place where a powerful force (Kundalini) emanates from.

I will keep my hands on each chakra area for about 5 minutes.  I will also be breathing deeply, and visualizing powerful energies coming from the earth and the universe, flowing through my body and streaming out of my hands into your body.  You will began to feel the warmth of my healing powers. Please embrace it. As I keep my left hand on the your heart, I’ll gently move my right hand to your next energy point.  Occasionally, I will gently rock my right hand to activate more energy flow through the body.  After about 5 minutes, I will now move my right hand just below the navel, the center of your personal power.  Balancing the lower chakras, deal with money, sex, and power issues, with your sacred center, the heart. Both of our energy’s combined, are now bringing infinite love and wisdom into your human life form.  Keeping my left hand on your heart, I will slowly move my right hand to your Solar Plexus chakra, below the diaphragm.  This chakra deals with power, self-esteem, self-image, energy, will, and responsibility.   This chakra also holds a lot of our negative energy, the main one being shame.  It is very important to release all negative energy from the solar plexus chakra.  Now I will move my right hand on top of my left hand, keeping both hands on your heart for about 5 minutes.  As I am touching your heart chakra, I will Imagine all the love, beauty, and joy you have inside. Helping you to understand that you are a true Goddess of this earth, as your spiritual energy flows from my hands, into your heart.  As I keep my right hand on your heart, I will now move m y left hand to your throat. This is the source of your creative expression and communication.  With my right hand in place on your heart, I will move my left hand to your forehead. This is the home of your intellect and psychic powers.  Now I will move the left hand to the top or crown of your head, while keeping my right hand on your heart.  The Crown chakra is your connecting point to the Divine, and channels spiritual energy within.  I will now gently, slowly and with total awareness, remove my hands from your body.  At this point you will most likely be in a deeply relaxed and highly sensitized state.

You are now ready to receive the beautiful, loving touch of a Tantra Massage.

White Lotus Tantra

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