White Lotus Tantra Philosophy


Tantra like Yoga or Zen, is a path to Spiritual Enlightenment, which has it’s roots in India.  It is nicknamed the “science of ecstasy.”

The path of White Lotus Tantra is a Spiritual one. It allows you to truly embrace your Life-Force Energy, which is also your Sexual Energy and your Light Energy. It allows you to understand the Power of this Sacred Gift of Divine Energy and how you can increase it’s Power when you offer this Divine Energy back up to the Creator with Pure Gratitude .

The true foundation of White Lotus Tantra is LOVE.  Everything grows from love, heals with love, and evolves through love.  Our true purpose in life is to receive God’s Universal Love.  Embrace this Beautifully Sacred Gift of Love.  Then share this amazing Gift of Love in all we do.

White Lotus Tantric philosophy also teaches that everything is to be experienced playfully.  Yet with awareness and a sense of sacredness in every gesture, every sensory perception, and every action.  Harmonizing on the Divine Principles of the Universe, LOVE.


White Lotus Tantra

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