About Me

David Joyner
Tantra Massage Specialist / Spiritual Energy Healer 

I began studying Tantra at the tender age of 20. I’ve been very fortunate to study Tantra in other countries and learned from some of the most profound Tantric Masters.  I Practice White Lotus Tantra, which focuses more on the spirituality of a person.  I am also trained as a Swedish Massage Therapist and a Reiki Practitioner.  Which I embody all techniques in my sessions.  As your kundalini rises and your sexual energy begins its upward journey through your chakras, your spirit becomes the beacon lighting the pathway to a very enlightening and deeper connection with the Divine Universal Energy.

As a Tantra Massage Specialist and Spiritual Energy healer, the basic philosophy of Tantra is that all women are Goddesses, and when touching the Goddess or being intimate with the Goddess you should also understand you’re touching the hand of God and her spiritual connection with God. The more & more you understand how much of a Goddess you are & being able to live your life as a Goddess, you radiate that energy, and that’s the energy you will also attract. Others will see, honor and respect the Goddess in you.

It is time for women to understand their true worth and the true essence they have to offer to the world. The true spirit of a woman that lies within, must now take its true and rightful place, and shine its light for all to see. This is my goal!!! This is my calling!!! This is my mission!!!

I have been called to be a template in helping women understand who they truly are, as Goddesses of this earth, and how important and beautiful they all are. Not the outer shell, but spiritually within. Women, it is now time to empower that beauty.

In my sessions, I will help you with this true understanding with lots of love and deep meditation.  I will help you become empowered with your spiritual energy within.  I will help re-connect your spiritual energy through tantric touch.

Your spiritual energy and your physical energy were never intended to be disconnected from each other.  It is the connection of both, along with conscious thought, that allows you to be whole in your everyday walk of life.  In addition, when your spirit is aligned with the Creator’s Spirit, then you are truly one with who you are as a spiritual being.  Spirit, Mind and Body!!!

When you leave my session, you will feel more alive, more awake, and more whole as to whom you are as a spiritual being. I will help align and fine-tune your awareness of life, your goals and desires, your communication with others, yourself, and even your relationships.

When you are at your full powerful Goddess potential, wonderful things are allowed to flow from your spiritual energy.

My gift, my love, my passion is to reactivate the true spiritual goddess within you. To allow your spirit, mind & body to achieve oneness with who you are as beautiful sacred goddess. Live your life as a goddess and allow that energy to bring forth energy that will honor, respect and cherish you as the true spiritual goddess that you are. Being in harmony with God and the universe, so you don’t have to be in control. Allow your light to shine and let your light show you the way through a beautiful Tantra Harmony Massage Session.

Let us start now,
by Empowering Your Spiritual Goddess Energy Within!!!

White Lotus Tantra

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